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Bolted Panel Water Tank


RHINO bolted panel liner tanks are of vertical cylinder design, and are of a unique two-part construction , in which the contained water or other liquid never comes in contact with any material that is subject to corrosion.

This construction results in a zero-maintenance or nil- maintenance tank, with a design life of more than 50 years.

The external, cylindrical shell is of ZincAlume steel, having very high corrosion resistance.

Inside the shell is a containment bladder constructed out of a multiple-layer liner material fabricated from polyethylene, with a woven fabric reinforcement layer and a backing layer of Metallocene.

The tanks are available in capacities: 10,000 (10 kl) litres to 2,500,000 (2500 kl)

RHINO bolted panel liner tanks are superior to both RCC tanks (plain or lined) and welded-steel , rubber-lined or epoxy-painted tanks with regard to design life, maintenance, maintenance cost, maintenance downtime, life-cycle cost, re-sale value, residual value and scrap value.

RHINO tanks can replace RCC tanks and welded-steel tanks in most – if not all – applications, and are a very cost-effective substitute.

  • Raw water storage and treated water storage – municipal and domestic
  • Sewage treatment and waste water treatment
  • De-mineralised water storage.
  • R.O. Plant
  • Fire-protection water storage
  • Rain water harvesting
  • De-salination plant
  • Vegetable oil and animal oil storage

Material of Construction


Special grade corrosion-resistant BlueScope ZincAlume Steel. (For more details about"BlueScope Steel" please click here. BlueScope.pdf)

Inner Liner

Multi-layer, reinforced, Metallocene-backed pulyethylene sheet. (For more details about "HydraShield Liner" please click here HydraShield.pdf)

Tank Body

Rhino Bolted-Panel Liner tanks have a two-part construction:

  • Outer shell: Constructed of corrugated ZincAlume steel from BlueScope Australia, having four times the life span of GI sheet, and much higher resistance to weather and corrosion

    The shell has multiple layers of ZincAlume sheet, for structural strength. The exact number of layers depends on the height and diameter of the specific tank.

    The corrugated construction increases the hoop stress withstand of the steel sheet, so that less material is needed to achieve the same performance.

    The shell segments are Bolted together with 12 mm hot dip galvanised bults.

    For details of ZincAlume steel from BlueScope

  • Inner liner:Multiple-layer, reinforced pulyethylene sheets backed by a layer of high-impact resistant Metallocene. Reinforcement with woven scrim fabric to

    This construction ensures that the liquid/water contents never come into contact with steel shell, to reduce the possibility of internal corrosion to zero.

Tank Roof

Constructed of ZincAlume or GI corrugated sheet, supported over Hot-Dip-Galvanised roof trusses.

Corrosion protection

BlueScope ZincAlume steel has coating of Zincaluminium Alloy, 55% Zinc, 42.5% Aluminium and 2.5 % silicon.

Zinc provides sacrificial protection, Aluminium provides barrier protection, and silicon provides abrasion resistance.

Back-up Corrosion Protection

Protection by the use of sacrificial magnesium anodes.

Tank foundation (Customer Scope)

Simple ring-beam foundation in RCC. Drawings provided by Rhino Tanks.

Standard Accessories

  • Inlets and outlets: One outlet nozzle of appropriate size, one scour drain outlet nozzle and one bell-mouth overflow outlet are provided as standard.

  • Additional inlet/outlet/other nozzles can be provided at extra price.

  • Level Guage

  • Common internal/external ladder

  • Sacrificial anode.

  • Lockable Access hatch

Optional Accessories

  • Platform with caged ladder

  • Inlet deflector

  • Rainsaver

  • Anti-vortex fittings

  • Manway

  • Fire-fighting coupling

Design codes and standards

Rhino Tanks comply fully to the requirements of the Building Code of Australia and to following Design Codes and Standards

Tank Structural Design

AS/NZS 1170-2007, 4100, 4600

Inner liner

AS/NZS 4020:2005

ANSI NSF 61-2008


AS/NZS 1170-2007, 4100, 4600

Platforms and Ladders

AS 1657-1992


AS/NZS 4680-2006


AS/NZS 1554-2008

Cathodic protection

AS/NZS 4680-2006

Fire protection application

AS 2304-2011

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