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"Ask for a free report on why RCC and welded tanks are inferior to RHINO bolted panel tanks"


Storage Solutions offer highly cost-effective, zero-maintenance, no-corrosion, pre-fabricated storage tanks, as substitutes for RCC tanks, welded-steel rubber-lined tanks and GRP/SMC/FRP tanks.

We offer two types of pre-fabricated tanks: ZincAlume bolted-type liner tanks and carbon-steel glass-fused or epoxy-coated carbon steel tanks

The tanks are designed to Australian/American/International standards, and are manufactured in facilities certified to ISO 9001 "Five-ticks" level certified facilities.

Currently, there are over 50,000 of these tanks in installations around the world, exported from Australia and the US.

Storage Solutions now brings these tanks to the Indian market, through Shubham-Rhinex Pvt. Ltd., a joint- venture company formed by Rhino Tanks of Australia and Tanclean India Pvt. Ltd.

Rhino Bolted-Panel Liner Tanks


We bring for our clients a comprehensive range of Bolted Panel Water Storage Tanks that are ideal for water storage, wastewater treatment, aerobic and anaerobic digesters, sludge storage tanks all custom engineered tanks to suit varied application.

Permastore Glass-Fused-to-Steel Tanks


We spare no efforts to bring for our clients the best of water storage solutions. Our latest offering is the Permastore Glass-Fused-to-Steel Tanks. Epoxy Coated Carbon Steel Storage Tank is ideal for Wastewater Treatment, De-Salinated Water Treatment, etc.

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