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About Us

Storage Solutions Inc. is a tank sourcing, supply and consultancy agency, specializing in pre-fabricated tanks for applications in water storage, sewage treatment plant, de-salination plant, RO plant, and in industry for process application.

We are associated with Rhino Tanks Pty. of Australia, through their distributors in India, Messrs. Shubham-Rhinex India Pvt. Ltd.

Rhino Tanks, Australia


Tanclean India Pvt. Ltd.

Rhino Tanks, Australia

Rhino Tanks has been manufacturing pre-fabricated, bolted-panel liner tanks in Australia for over twenty five years. With a turnover of Aus $ 30 million (Rs. 175 Cr.) and a hundred employees, they are today Australia's second or third largest manufacturer of this type of pre-fabricated tank.

Operating from an ISO "five ticks" certified factory in Perth, Australia, Rhino Tanks produces over 4000 tanks annually, complying to all relevant Australian, American and international standards for specific industry sectors.

There are over 35,000 Rhino tanks installed worldwide, and Rhino has executed several large water storage projects in the commercial water storage, municipal water storage, de-salination plant, RO plant, STP, rain-harvesting, fire-protection and other industrial sectors.

Tanclean India Pvt. Ltd.

Tanclean India Pvt. Ltd. is India's largest professional tank maintenance and cleaning company, with an all-India presence, and a network of 165 franchisees and 600 service points across the country. In existence form 1997, Tanclean India's client base extends across virtually every industry sector in India.

Using machinery and equipment imported from Germany, Tanclean and it's franchisees clean and maintain tanks of all types and designs, in sizes from 50 kilo litres to 5000 kilo litres.