"Ask for a free report on why RCC and welded tanks are inferior to RHINO bolted panel tanks"


Rhino Tank USP's

  • Zero maintenance
  • Zero leakage, zero seepage, zero attention
  • Ten-year warranty
  • Super-fast installation time
  • Good re-sale value
  • High scrap/salvage value at end of service life
  • Less expensive than RCC tanks
  • No quality control issues on-site
  • After-sales support through all-India network
  • Can be re-located easily
  • 50 years design life
  • Life-cycle cost less than RCC tanks or welded-steel tanks

RHINO - THE "Zero problem" tank

  • Zero leakage - Rhino tanks do not leak ever. Backed by a ten year warranty
  • Zero seepage - Seepage is unknown in Rhino tanks, because of the type and material of construction
  • Zero internal corrosion - The liquid contents does not come in contact with the ZindAlume steel shell, hence there is nil corrosion
  • Zero external corrosion
  • Zero maintenance throughout the life time of the tank
  • Zero site-construction issues - no mess on site, no welding, no concrete mixing on site
  • Zero site quality control issues - The tanks are totally pre-fabricated in an ISO certified factory at Perth, Australia. Site work is limited to bolt-and-nut assembly of factory manufactured components – no welding, no concrete mixing, no weather and climate issues during erection work
  • Zero failures
  • Zero complaints from customers from date of commencement of sales in India

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