"Ask for a free report on why RCC and welded tanks are inferior to RHINO bolted panel tanks"


Why Rhino Tanks

  • Cost-effective : Initial installation price of Rhino tanks range from Rs. 2 per litre upwards depending on size/capacity. Competitive compared to RCC tanks to IS 3370 or welded-steel tanks to API 650 with rubber/epoxy lining
  • Zero-maintenance : Rhino tanks do not require maintenance during their design lives, therefore there are no maintenance costs. (unlike RCC and welded steel tanks)
  • Low life-cycle cost: Because of zero maintenance cost, the life-cycle cost of Rhino tanks are lower than the life-cycle costs of RCC or welded steel tanks
  • Ten-year warranty
  • Re-sale value
  • Scrap value at end of design life: Design life is fifty years
  • Short construction time: A 250 kl Rhino tank can be erected, tested and commissioned in 10 days. Does not depend on weather conditions or skilled labour availability or difficult site conditions.
  • Factory-built: under strict quality control, in an ISO:9001 certified manufacturing facility, to rigid international standards. No site quality control issues.